Trump intends to supply troops to protect the border with Mexico from refugees

President Donald trump said that he will send the military to guard the border between the U.S. and Mexico until the completion of the promised walls.

«Until we have walls and adequate security, we will protect our border with the military. This is a big step,» said trump during a lunch with leaders of the Baltic States. The President stressed that the United States should not be people who illegally enter the country, disappear and not even appear in court.

According to the head of the White house, he discussed the issue of border security with defence Minister James Mattis. Soon the President and the head of Department will arrange a meeting at which more detail will discuss border security, including the possibility of military protection.

Today, March 3, the President stated that Congress must «act immediately» to prevent the «caravan of refugees,» which runs through Mexico toward the United States.

The administration of Barack Obama in 2010, has also made attempts to protect the border: the precursor trump has decided to deploy the troops of the National guard for a period of up to one year. This was done to help customs and border protection U.S. in the implementation of surveillance and reconnaissance.