The author of the book «the White house trump»: the President lies all the time, but is an outstanding politician

Donald trump will go down in history as a talented politician and one of the strongest presidents of the United States over the past decade, despite frequent statements have nothing to do with reality, says the American journalist and author Ronald Kessler.

«He understands that these stories are fictional, but sees it as part of the game, said Kessler during the discussion of his new book «White house trump: changing the rules of the game«. — That is his policy, and we should understand: we’re in the same boat».

The writer admitted that his friend, who helped in the writing of the book, negative refers to the «rules of the game trump». Kessler perceives deceptive maneuvers of the head of state more leniently. According to him, for people like trump, it is a usual thing, because he came from the world of business where everyone’s hiding something.

Moreover, the author recalled that bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson at the time, also resorted to false statementsbecause it was required by the then situation, but this did not prevent the President, «to achieve excellent results».

According to Kessler, it is the proximity of trump to a certain way of «fake news» makes it to level criticism at the media for the distortion of real information. Not disdaining to resort to trumped-up reason, the President reacts negatively when others use this technique against his team.