A trade war with China bypassed the company, Ivanka trump apparel

Despite the active phase of the trade battle between the US and China, the daughter of the President of trump continues to do business with China. As found by independent journalists, in a long list of goods for which the US imposed duties, were not included light industry products, the field in which the company operates Ivanka trump.

The White house explained that the list of goods, which were imposed duties, have been prepared based on the interests of the American citizens to «minimize the impact on the consumer component,» so some of them were withdrawn from the blow of a trade confrontation. Thus, firm daughter of the President of the United States, closely associated with Chinese companies, it is also related to the field, «important for consumers,» despite the fact that produces expensive clothesthat ordinary Americans can’t afford.

The combination Ivanka trump doljnosti adviser to the President with active business activities not once became the reason for the indignation of the public. Opposition to Donald Trump forces often claim double standards in this matter, calling on the President to explain his inconsistency.

The U.S. President denies the fact of receiving him or members of his families personal gain, claiming that his opponents are trying to turn the public against his family. However, the claims of the business daughter of trump are not only at home but also in China. In the summer of 2017 at a factory producing clothing for the company Ivanka identified a number of violations for the duration of the working day, the level of pay and safety. Girl’s lawyer said the comments will not follow, citing the fact that the high position of his client in the White house allows her to withdraw from public condemnation.

As far as the interests of the company Ivanka trump associated with the imposition of duties on Chinese goods, is not known. However, if the United States will continue aggressive trade policy towards China, it is highly likely that he will try to play on this issue.