Sean Spicer is leaving the post of press Secretary?

Sean Spicer is leaving the post of press Secretary?

The White house seriously talks about the improvement of the press Secretary Sean Spicer, the Associated Press reports. If a decision will be made in the next few weeks Spicer to the position of senior adviser on communications and will be much less likely to appear in the lenses of cameras.

However, the latter has already carried out: Spicer does not hold traditional daily press briefings at the camera since last Monday, June 12. The responsibility for communication with the media partially rests on the shoulders of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, assistant press Secretary.

At the moment Sean Spicer is not only press Secretary, but the Director of communications. After a possible rise in the last post for him will continue. However, instead of performing everyday tasks in the press service and answers to journalists ‘ questions, he will assume the leadership role.

Promotion Spicer service must occur within the framework of the personnel reorganization of the Department of communications of the White house, a secret discussion about it has been going on for several weeks.

Earlier, the President expressed his dissatisfaction with the work of the press Secretary, openly speculated on his replacement and have considered the candidature of the presenter from Fox News – Kimberly Gilfoyle, wrote in The New York Times.

Since then, however, as last month presenter shared information that the White house engage in talks, no news about it no longer appeared.

In addition, in may, trump actually thought about replacing the daily briefing on the publication of written statements and hold press conferences every two weeks, as he wrote in his Twitter.

The talk of reorganization has ceased to be just talk when June resigned Michael DBc, Director of communications. Then his duties and began to play Sean Spicer.

Many candidates considered for the role of press Secretary is still unknown, although there is information that in not included Sarah Sanders, who isn’t interested in this post, reports Time.

According to Politico, the Spicer and the head of the White house Raines Primus already eyeing the Lauer Ingram, moderator of the talk show, The Laura Ingraham Show, and David Martosko, editor of the Daily Mail. But both candidates refused to comment on this.