Arizona sent 225 troops on the border with Mexico

Today, 9 April, Arizona Governor Doug Duce stated that 225 members of the National guard of the state were sent to the border of USA and Mexico after the call of the President of Donald trump.

According to Republicans, such measures taken to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration. In this case, the Duce stressed that this is not the limit – the state plans to send more military.

Arizona is not the first state that responded to the call of the trump. The Governor of new Mexico stated that his staff also to join the operation, but has not yet taken any measures. And on Friday, April 6, Texas , said he would send to protect the borders of helicopters and 250 members of the National guard.

But even this number of troops is not the limit, because the idea of the trump by the turn of the country it is planned to send 2 to 4 thousand representatives of the National guard.

The Minister of defence James Mattis has already been approved for the implementation of the President’s plan payments from the budget of the Pentagon until the end of September.

In the Memorandum of the Ministry of defence said that members of the National guard will not perform law enforcement functions «to interact with workers or other detainees» without the approval of Mattis.