Trump promised to make a decision on Syria in two days

The President of the United States Donald trump during a speech in the White house promised to find out details of himataki in the Syrian city of Duma, and to make a decision «within 24-48 hours».

Also, the us President expressed concern about what is happening today in Syria, because «it’s about humanity.» He also added that currently the area of the attack with chemical weapons surrounded by government forces of Syria, and it is difficult to get reliable information.

«We can’t let that happen such cruelty. I have no doubt who is behind all this. Or is it Russia or is it Syria, or Iran, or all of them together, we’ll find out, and the answer you will get soon. We will take some important decisions over the next 24-48 hours,» said trump during a press conference at the White house.

According to trump, in the evening he will hold a meeting with Pentagon leadership. When the President asked whether the use of American military force against Bashar Assad’s troops, he replied that he «considered all options».

[email protected] Trump condemns the heinous attack on innocent Syrians with chemical weapons banned. #Syria

— Department of State (@StateDept) April 9, 2018

According to some reports, April 7 in the city of Duma (Eastern ghouta, Syria) chemical weapons were used. In the bombardment of the city, used bombs with chlorine, which killed dozens of people, and the hospital received the wounded with signs of poisoning with this substance.