The FBI raided the office of a personal lawyer trump, the President called it a «disgrace»

9 April 2018, the U.S. attorney in new York issued a warrant to search the office of Michael Cohen, a personal lawyer of the President of America. This information was confirmed by lawyer Stephen Ryan, representing the interests of Cohen. In his words, the operational activities conducted by the FBI associated with the investigation of Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016, which conducts special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

According to the preliminary information, investigators seized emails to Cohen and its clients, including correspondence with Donald trump. In addition, were confiscated computer records and financial documents. Also, the FBI was interested in the information associated with the payment of $130 thousand Stormy Daniels.

Ryan called such actions of the Agency «misplaced«because, in his opinion, Michael Cohen collaborated with all state agencies and does not shirk any orders of governmental organizations.

Cohen now represents the interests of Donald trump, in the case concerning the intimate connection of the US President with actress adult movie Stormy Daniels. Earlier, the lawyer admitted that he paid the woman $130 thousand, According to him, the payment is not related to trump, and he did it purely out of personal funds.

An anonymous source from the White house contends that the President of the United States knew in advance about the impending search. Later talking to reporters, trump described the FBI’s actions as «shameful» and called Cohen «a good man«. There was criticism also of the U.S. attorney General himself, Robert Mueller, to investigate the facts of interference of Russia in the election campaign of 2016. Trump believes that the special Prosecutor «in some way attacked US«.

A few days earlier, responding to a question about the payment, received on account of Stormy Daniels, the President said, he has no idea what it was about. Their involvement in this payment he denies.