Russia blocked a resolution to the UN and threatened with consequences in the event of an attack on Syria

Moscow warned Washington of serious consequences of a possible strike by the US on Syria, especially if it may hurt Russian citizens. This statement was made by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, speaking at a meeting of the Security Council.

According to him, Russia has warned the United States both publicly and through various channels — diplomatic and military — about the consequences of a strike on Syria. According to Russian officials, such actions of the American side may be because of «the incident alleged chemical attacks» in the Syrian city of Duma. He nebesa sure that in this case, the United States will do «response to what was not».

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— UN Web TV (@UNWebTV) April 10, 2018

Also, the Russian representative has blocked a UN Security Council draft resolution the United States on the establishment of a new mechanism for investigating chemical attacks in Syria. For this document voted 12 members of the Council. I was only against Russia and Bolivia, and China abstained.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump canceled his official visit to South American countries because of the incident in the city Duma. The head of the White house yesterday issued a statement that the response of the American side on the chemical attack will be obtained within 24-48 hours. Until that time, the American President will hold a series of meetings with the military and diplomats to develop a proper and effective line of conduct in such a situation.

According to some reports, April 7 in the city of Duma (Eastern ghouta, Syria) chemical weapons were used. In the bombardment of the city, used bombs with chlorine, which killed dozens of people, and the hospital received the wounded with signs of poisoning with this substance.