Senators ready a bill that will not allow Trump to fire Muller

Four senators from the Democratic and Republican parties are ready to present a bill that should protect spectracolor USA Robert Mueller from dismissal for political reasons.

This initiative intends to offer Republican senators Tom Tillis and Lindsey Graham, and senators-Democrats Chris coons and Cory Booker. It is known that the proposed bill is a «mix» of two other bills announced in the summer of 2017, but was not approved by vote. However, today, the authors of this document are not sure at 100% that their colleagues in the Senate will support their endeavor with a sufficient number of votes.

On the other hand, the senators do not believe that trump will risk to fire Muller. One of them is Mitch McConnell – said: «I think Mueller be allowed to complete its investigation.»

The new bill provides that in case of dismissal of special Prosecutor will be given a 10-day delay. During this time it can continue its activities and to challenge the dismissal in court. We will remind that earlier the press Secretary of the White House Sarah Sanders told reporters that the US President Donald trump «certainly has the right to dismiss spectacular».

Robert Mueller is currently investigating the case of the Russian intervention in the presidential election campaign of 2016. Just last week, on the basis of this inquiry, the court handed down the first sentence: Dutch lawyer Alexander van der Zwaan received 30 days in jail for perjury in the case against the former head of election campaign of Donald trump Paul Manafort.