Pompeo believes that it is time to finish with a soft policy towards Russia

The former head of the CIA and, probably, the future Secretary of state Mike Pompeo today (April 12) will appear before the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign relations.

Journalists managed to find a few excerpts from the upcoming speech Pompeo. According to the document, known for his aggressive statements of official will criticize Russia for its «aggressive» behavior and emphasize that the administration of President Donald trump considers Russia a «threat to the country [USA]».

But despite one of the main messages about the end of a soft policy towards Russia, the USA will continue to attempt to resolve existing conflicts through diplomatic channels, stated in the provided excerpts.

«If we do not call for democracy, prosperity and the protection of human rights around the world, who will? – declare in the Senate Pompeo. – No other nation is not the same combination of power and principle.»

Although ex-CIA Director repeatedly supported militant views, in his speech, he would be more loyal rhetoric. «War is the last resort», will emphasize Pompeo.

On 13 March it became known that Rex Tillerson stepped down as head of the U.S. Department of State. This decision was initiated by the President. By trump after news of resignation Tillerson announced that the next Secretary will be Mike Pompeo.

Source from the Department told reporters that today Pompeo aims to convince senators to strengthen the state Department under his leadership and restore the relevance of Agency as a major player in national security policy.