US intelligence confirmed the use of chlorine in attack in Syria

In the US there are blood and urine samples from victims of a possible chemical attack in the Syrian city of Duma. Journalists, citing sources in the intelligence agencies claim that the analysis of these samples showed a positive result for the presence of dangerous chemical elements.

In particular, in the blood and urine of victims found chlorine and the remains of an unknown nerve gas. Biological samples were obtained in local hospitals and transferred to US through people working for American intelligence. However, in the investigation indicates that anonymous officials «are not 100% sure local activists.» It also became known that for the transmission of the above-mentioned samples American intelligence appealed for help to colleagues from other countries.

It was repeatedly reported that the Assad regime is armed with chemical weapons and have previously used a mixture of chlorine and sarin in the attacks of his opponents. Local groups of resistance to the regime believe that the reason for the deaths of dozens of people in the Duma began bombing the city with chemical weapons. At the same time, both Syria and its ally Russia strongly denied any involvement in the attack and deny all accusations.

We will remind that the President of the United States Donald trump promised to find out details of himataki in the Syrian city of Duma, and to make a decision «within 24-48 hours». Also, the us President expressed concern about what is happening today in Syria, because «we are talking about humanity.» He added that currently the area of the attack with chemical weapons surrounded by government forces of Syria, and it is difficult to get reliable information.