The Syrian authorities claim they found a chemical laboratory of the rebels in Eastern ghouta

Syrian government forces announced April 13, about the discovery in the city Aftarithat in Eastern ghouta, chemical laboratory. According to representatives of Assad in the institution with high probability produced chemical weapons. The lab was allegedly found in conducting sweeps from the remnants of the rebel forces in the city.

An unnamed military source from the Syrian army said that in that place was identified all the necessary equipment for the production of special toxic substances. Were also found live ammunition, which was allegedly used to spread chemical weapons.

In addition, the building found a shop for the production of chlorine, and, according to a military source, much points to the involvement of the rebels to a possible chemical attack in the city Duma. Information about finding the chemistry lab came almost immediately, after the statements of the Russian leadership, was involved in «provocations in the Duma» the UK authorities.

April 12 the Russian defense Ministry announced that the army of Bashar al-Assad seized control of the city. According to representatives of the defense Ministry, it was the last stronghold of «terrorists» in Eastern ghouta.

7 APR a group of defenders of Syria said about the use of government forces, supported by the Russian Federation ‘s chemical weapons in the city Duma. At that moment he was under the control of the rebels. In the attack, according to preliminary information, killing about 70 people. The United States and representatives of the International coalition laid the responsibility for the use of the toxic substance on Bashar al-Assad and the leadership of Iran and Russia. The Russian authorities, in turn, argue that it was a provocation, to say nothing of the charitable organization «White helmets» and the secret services of great Britain.