The US is preparing new sanctions against Russia because of its support of the Assad regime

Washington is preparing yet another sanctions list against Russia in connection with the regular support of the Syrian government headed by President of the Republic Bashar al-Assad.

Nonresident senior fellow, Atlantic Council Brian O’toole wrote on his page on Twitterthat the United States is already preparing additional restrictions that will be imposed on Russia. According to O’toole, he learned this from documents that are already preparing specialists in the White house.

From today’s WH TPS: “We also intend to impose specific additional sanctions against Russia to respond to Moscow’s ongoing support for the Assad regime, which has enabled the regime»s atrocities against the Syrian people.”

— Brian O’toole (@brianoftoole) April 14, 2018

Yesterday, April 14, in new York held an emergency meeting of the UN security Councilinitiated by Russia. Within the framework of the meeting there was a vote on the draft resolution condemning a rocket attack USA and its allies for bases in Syria, but he was supported by only 3 of the 15 States.

By the way, the latest package of sanctions against Russian oligarchs and politicians was introduced not so long ago – April 6. These limitations were associated with the escalation of the Syrian conflict and the situation in the East of Ukraine and the poisoning of former Russian and British spy Sergei Skripal.