Donald trump will not impose additional sanctions against Russia

According to several news sources, the US President decided to postpone expansion of the list of sanctions against Russia. It was expected that new restrictions against Russia will be introduced on 16 April.

Edition of the Washington Post argues that on Sunday, the American head of state met with the national security Council (National Security Council), after which, the US representative to the UN Nikki Hale said about the high probability of introduction of sanctions against Russia because of its actions in Syria.

It was planned that the new restrictions will affect the economic sector of the Russian Federation and the nearest environment of Vladimir Putin. Sources from the White house saying about the readiness of trump to sign the package of sanctions in case if Russia continues to violate international law.

Experts note that such instability in terms of decision-making caused by the recent upgrade of the administration of Donald trump. The result of these actions, for many positions, the team President, was appointed new people. As a result, the leadership of the White house does not hurry up with decision-making on many issues, including concerning the Russian Federation.

Sanctions, the introduction of which is expected this Monday, associated with Russia’s support of the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. April 7, the international community accused Syria, Russia and Iran in the use of chemical weapons in the city Duma. April 13 in response to the actions of the US and the international coalition launched a series of missile attacks on three Syrian facilities that were associated with the chemical industry.