The Pentagon acknowledged that the United States failed to deprive Syria of chemical weapons

A missile strike by the International coalition on Syrian territory is unlikely to stop Bashar Assad from further attempts to use chemical weapons. So says Gregory Koblentz, an expert from the field of this type of weapon was employed in school administration and policy at George Mason University.

According to Coblentz, chemical weapons became an integral components of the military doctrine of Syrian government forces. And it’s not the desire of Assad to increase the number of casualties among the rebels, and the effectiveness of this type of weapon. In a well-fortified points of resistance, such as the Duma, the losses among the army of the Syrian regime is very high. Numerous tunnels and shelters allow the rebels a long time to defend and minimize the effect of aerial bombardment. In such cases the chemical weapons are becoming indispensable for the army of Bashar al-Assad. Defense Council, for example, surrendered a few hours after himataki.

If the current regime in Syria did not use this kind of weapons, for a long time couldn’t cope with rebel groups. At the same time, Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the joint staff acknowledged that the missile strikes the US and allies were unable to completely destroy Assad’s chemical weapons.

According to Mackenzie, the military operation has deprived the Syrian dictator leading the development and production of particularly hazardous substancessuch as sarin, nerve gas etc. However, in the decree of the government troops are still large stocks of chlorine. In addition, Assad’s army stores and other types of chemical weapons in its warehouses.

Explaining the reason why the USA did not destroy the above inventory of hazardous substances, Mackenzie said that the international coalition did not want victims among the civilian population. In the case of strikes in these warehouses, there was a real threat of a release of chemical weapons in the air. In this case, it could suffer civil.

The General confirmed that U.S. and allied forces ready to strike another blow, in the case of a regular army use Assad’s banned weapons.