The authorities in new York are not made concessions to the students gathered for a rally on 20 April

Despite the fact that during the previous opponents of the weapons they were actively supported by the authorities, the upcoming rally is faced with obstacles in the way of its organization. The Department of education of new York (New York City Department of Education — DOE) have announced that persons who left school to participate in Friday’s March of 20 April, will be considered «missing».

Press Secretary DOE Miranda, he reiterated the position of the state organization. According to her, the authorities of new York to support any manifestation of a civil position, but the protesters must realize that the law for all people equally.

«We support the participation of students in civic engagement and participation in social projects, and encourage schools to hold discussions on relevant current events. We know about planned events for this day, but school will follow the standard work schedule,» said barbeau.

The March, scheduled for the 19th anniversary of the tragic events at the school,»Columbine«, should pass April 20 in the afternoon. In the event you plan to attend a few tens of thousands of students from different educational institutions of new York. Such actions of memory and protest are going to spend and in other cities of the United States.

Previous meeting held on 14 March, was supported by both the user of the state of new York, and the city itself. Governor Andrew Cuomo not only walked with protesters through the streets of the Big Apple, but also took part in the so-called action «Die-in» (dying). After that, the official said that people who supported the rally, the future of the American nation and said that the leadership of the state approvingly looks at protests of this kind.

At the same time, school Chancellor Richard Carranza, head of the Department of education of new York, thinks the current rally and protest on March 14 is «not the same».

«You don’t have to leave campus to have your voices heard. You have already voiced their opinion,» said the official.