Macron lunch with trump: what the presidents agree?

Today, on April 24, U.S. President Donald trump and the first lady welcomed the Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte at the reception, which was attended by about 500 U.S. military personnel.

Of course, the arrival of the policy of this magnitude in the United States is not just a demonstration of respect or social acceptance. In the media believe that macron has set a goal to convince trump to keep the nuclear deal on Iran (limiting nuclear forces in exchange for the easing of sanctions), even though the us President has repeatedly stated that it considers it «appalling».

President trump during a meeting with Him in the oval office focused on the fact that Iran is behind all the world’s problems, especially the Middle East. Besides, his new adviser on national security Affairs John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who will soon head the CIA, aggressive attitude towards Iran. But, despite this, the macron is hoping to persuade the President to accept the deal.

«We’re pretty close to understanding each other. Our tete-a-tete went very well,» said trump in the Cabinet of Ministers, commenting on the question of the future agreement.

In turn, the head of the Iranian foreign Ministry Mohammad Javad Zarif, speaking on behalf of the country, has threatened to resume its nuclear program after the US withdrawal from the transaction.

Experts believe that trump is seeking to use the visit of the French President, to strengthen their relationship with Macron. In confirmation of this, today the two leaders and their wives planted an oak tree near the White house as a symbol of the long relationship the United States and France.

By the way, in the media a long time discussing a rather unusual relationship presidents. For example, in the White house trump revealing removed the dandruff from the shoulder of colleagues (video below), and during the conference, he brotherly greeted the Him and even kissed him on the cheek. So what are waiting for, will affect whether such a close relationship to the results of the negotiations.

«We do have a very special relationship,» Pres. Trump says, brushing a «little piece of dandruff» off French Pres. Macron»s jacket.

«We have to make him perfect. He is perfect.»

— ABC News (@ABC) April 24, 2018