American troops will go home, but will leave a mark in Syria: trump

«American troops will go home, but will leave a strong and lasting footprint in Syria,» the statement was made Monday by the President.

BREAKING: President Trump says US troops will be coming home, but wants to leave `strong and lasting footprint’ in Syria.

— The Associated Press (@AP) April 24, 2018

Apparently, he was podrazumeva the withdrawal of the military, which last week became the subject of his doubt.

Recall that on 3 April the commander announced the withdrawal of troops, but did not specify when it will be taken okonchatelnoe decision. On 15 April, shortly after the chemical attack in the Duma, during which injured dozens of civilians, he changed his position, but the next day returned to the initial decision.

April 15, the White house said us military to leave Syria as quickly as possible. At the moment there is about 2 thousand soldiers of the United States.