Migrants from «caravan» began flowing into the United States

Osemary migrants from the»caravan»arrived at the border of the United States allowed into the country, so they were able to achieve here asylum. This was announced yesterday, April 30, the official representative of service of customs and border control (Customs and Border Protection — CBP).

We will remind, on Sunday, about 150 migrants, among them many women and children, came to the border between Mexico and USA. Most in the «caravan» — people fleeing violence and persecution in their homeland in Central America: Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala , etc.

As stated by Federal officials on 29 April, the border crossing in San Ysidro has reached its capacity, therefore, undocumented persons must remain in Mexico.

Erika Pinheiro, an attorney of the nonprofit organization Al Otro Lado, providing free legal advice to members of the «caravan», was condemned by CBP for delays: «they say that They can’t work with such a large group, but this is ridiculous. They have a few weeks ago, we knew the group was coming. We are confident that this is only a pretext in order to deprive these people of asylum.»

In addition, border West of San Ysidro was arrested 11 migrantstrying to illegally cross the border. Officials claim that these people — part of «caravan», but advocates deny it.

«We have warned all parents to comply with the law, otherwise they can be kept away from children,» said Pinheiro.