The head of trump want to carve on the Arctic iceberg

Finnish environmental group Melting Ice collects $500 thousand, in order to capture the President of the United States on an iceberg in the Arctic.

The purpose of this strange at first glance of the project is to prove the reality of global warming. The plans of environmental activists — carved icy head of trump with a height of 115 feet (35 m). The project called «Tremor» (similar to mount Rushmore).

«Global warming is one of the most important problems of the modern world. But there are still people who do not believe that it exists, says team leader Nicolas Prieto. We want to create a monument for all to see how long a sculpture will last, before to melt. People often believe only what you see with your own eyes.»

Earlier, Donald trump has repeatedly denied that global climate change and even came out of the Paris climate agreement. And in December 2017, during frost, the President ironically tweeted: «Now we could use some good old global warming.»

If Melting Ice will be able to implement his plan, the head of trump set up a video camera that will capture the melting ice sculpture in real time.