Trump was nominated for the Nobel peace prize

18 Republicans, led by Senator Luke Messer officially nominated Donald trump for the Nobel peace prize. In his letter, sent on Wednesday the Nobel Committee, they said that they think the President is worthy of awards for his work on nuclear disarmament of the DPRK and role in ending the 68-year conflict between North and South Korea.

«Since taking office, President trump exerted maximum pressure on North Korea to cease the development of nuclear weapons, and made every effort to ensure peace on the Peninsula, as stated in the letter. — His administration has United the international community, including China, for the strongest sanctions in history. They [sanctions] have undermined North Korean economy and become one of the main reasons why the DPRK has sat down at the negotiating table. <…> We can’t imagine anyone who would deserve this award more than President trump, tirelessly working for peace in the world».

Messer first announced his intention to nominate trump for the Nobel prize last week, after meeting North Korean leader, Kim Jong-UNand South Korean President moon Jae Ina, in which the parties failed to agree on a nuclear demilitarization of the Peninsula. They also said they plan to start talks about the official end of the Korean war.

Trump plans to meet with Kim Jong-UN in early June. This will be the first meeting of the leaders of the States and North Korea.