USA restore the 2nd fleet in the Atlantic to deter the activity of the Russian Navy

On 5 may, the Pentagon announced the restoration of the Second fleet, designed to strengthen the U.S. position in the Atlantic ocean. The main reason for this decision was to increase Russia’s military might.

In 2011, the Second fleet was disbanded to reduce and optimize military spending. However, after the Russian leadership has increased the presence of its armed forces in the North Atlantic, and has shown aggressive actions towards Ukraine and intervened in the conflict in the Syrian region, it was decided to restore the Second fleet.

The primary point of deployment of naval units will be a base Norfolklocated in Virginia. Officially, the fleet will be introduced with effect from 1 July 2018. He will have a greater presence of US Navy in the Atlantic ocean. One of the priority items is also counteracting the increased activity of the Russian Navy.

«This is a response to a dynamic security environment. We all see the increasing rivalry of the great powers. Atlantic is the same rapidly changing theater of war, like any other region», — said the Admiral commander of the naval operations of the US John Richardson.

The Pentagon also announced that on the basis of Norfolk in the near future will house the headquarters of the joint command of NATO forces in the Atlantic. The management of the logistics of this connection will be located in Germany. This decision was approved at a meeting of defense Ministers of NATO countries in February this year. The main task of the joint forces is the security of transportation lines and communications between the United States, Canada and Europe.