Republicans are prepared to support the proposed trump military parade

Republicans in the House of representatives are planning to endorse the initiative of the tramp to hold in the capital a military parade, with military transport for ground and air purposes.

According to Bloomberg, the demonstration of US military power will be held in Washington in accordance with the proposed Republican bill, which the house armed services Committee will vote may 9.

House Republicans prepare to endorsements Trump’s military parade

— Bloomberg Politics (@bpolitics) May 5, 2018

In his statement, published this Friday, the Chairman of the Committee on Armed services of the house of representatives Mac Thornberry noted that this event will help to demonstrate the respect for fallen American soldiers and their families.

«For too long our soldiers have been victims of political differences,» he said. «To honor those who served in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan should not become a political issue. Veterans of these military conflicts did not allow politics to affect their service to their country.»

The US has no tradition for large-scale annual military parades. From time to time soldiers take part in the processions in honor of the inauguration of the President or independence Day, but still military equipment passed through the city streets only on the occasion of the end of the war. So, large-scale military parade was held in 1865 in honor of the completion of the Civil war, in 1918 celebrated the end of the First world war, in 1945 the Second world war. The last time the national military parade was held in 1991, the end of operation «desert Storm» and the Iraq troops were withdrawn.

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