The administration of the tramp collecting dirt on Obama

Team US President Donald trump attracted a private intelligence Agency of Israel to gather incriminating information on key employees of the Obama administration during the conclusion in 2015 of a nuclear agreement with Iran, the Guardian reports.

«Dirt» was going to Ben Rhodes, the former adviser on national security Affairs and strategic communications, and Colin Cala, a former adviser to the then Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden on national security issues.

In 2017, the Israeli investigators carefully studied and private life, and political activities of Rhodes and feces. Was checked information about the possible links of politicians with Iranian lobbyists that has brought them the nuclear deal with personal or political gain, whether they leak confidential information to journalists New York Times, MSNBC TV, website, Atlantic, Vox and the Israeli publication Haaretz.

If we could find any incriminating material at the above-mentioned individuals, it would be discredited and the very nuclear agreement, and hence Trump it would be easier to abandon it, according to the source the British newspaper.

This information surfaced shortly before 12 may — installed head of the White house dates to which the European allies need to «fix the terrible flaws» of the nuclear deal, which he has repeatedly criticized. If trump demands are not met, it will refuse to continue to comply with the international agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program.

Jack straw, who participated as foreign Secretary in previous attempts to limit the growth of military power of Iran, has considered the statements of the head of state is out of the ordinary and outrageous. According to straw, they indicate extreme distress trump and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. «They not only want to discredit the deal as to undermine [the authority] involved in it,» said straw.

And Ben Rhodes, and Colin Cala said that did not even know about the investigation against them.

«Didn’t know about it, although, unfortunately, not surprised,» said Ben Rhodes.