Putin in the 4th time took office of the President and the newly appointed Medvedev as Prime Minister

7 may 2018, the official ceremony of inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation. This time Vladimir Putin without solemn procession. Addressing the meeting, the head of the Russian Federation stated that «the safety and defence of the country secured«, and in the near future the government will focus on solving internal problems.

After the end of the celebrations, the Russian government headed by Dmitry Medvedev has submitted to resignation. However, it was only a formality, because after a short period of time, the press service of the Kremlin announced the introduction of President Medvedev of the Russian Federation as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister. Experts point out that this was an expected step, as Vladimir Putin are completely satisfied with the current head of the government.

In turn, Dmitry Medvedev has announced some changes in the leadership of the country. In the post of first Deputy Prime Minister-Minister of Finance, the politician sees Anton Siluanov. In the list of candidates for the position of Vice-premiers also includes:

Vitaly Mutko — building and regional policy;

Olga Golodets, culture and sports;

Dmitry Kozak — industry and energy;

Yury Borisov — the military-industrial complex;

Tatiana Golikova — social policy and health;

Alexey Gordeyev — agriculture;

Konstantin Chuichenko, the head of the government apparatus;

Maxim Akimov — transport, communications and the digital economy.

It is expected that Medvedev will be officially nominated for the post of Prime Minister tomorrow, 8 may.

According to Western experts, now Vladimir Putin has the opportunity to strengthen the position of Russia in the international arena. This is due, primarily, with the price of oil, which is very significantly increased. This will allow the head of the Russian Federation to counter Western sanctions designed to change the foreign policy of the Russian Federation.

Recently in this country and its citizens, increased number of sanctions and their power. However, Moscow still refuses to change its foreign policy and continues to violate international law. The rise in oil prices, according to economists, allows Putin to avoid discontent in the society and to restrain the impact caused by the imposition of sanctions.

«He believes that the Russian economy has stabilized, and sees the opportunity for a long-term battle with the West. Higher oil prices will help him to play longer against the West,» said Timothy ash, senior strategist at BlueBay Asset Management.

In recent years, falling oil prices and sanctions hit hard by the economic component of the Russian Federation. A large part of foreign exchange reserves was spent to maintain the ruble exchange rate and providing for the material needs of the army, which is active in Syria and Eastern Ukraine. If oil prices continue to rise, this will help Russia to restore the reserve Fund and will allow to further pursue a policy of confrontation with the West.