The attorney General of the state of new York has resigned amid accusations of beating women

Eric Schneiderman, who until recently held the post of attorney General of the state of new York, resigned. It happened in the midst of a scandal about the use of official physical force against the four women.

Previously Tanya Selvaratnam and Michelle Barish said that being in bed with the Sneiderman, was subjected to beating. According to the victims, a man in those moments, dwelt in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. Women repeatedly resorted to the help of doctors, however, did not give statements to the police, due to threats of officials to deal with them.

According to Michelle Barish, she met with the Prosecutor in 2013. Later their acquaintance grew into intimacy, and then it turned out that the attorney General often gives way to rudeness. The victim said: Schneiderman repeatedly beat and choked her, while threatening at all to deprive of lifeif she told anyone about the incident. The Prosecutor also said that will give her statement about the assault on a law enforcement officer and put a woman in jail.

According to Selvaratnam, Schneiderman also threatened her with death, if she stops to face him. The woman said that the attorney General has promised to arrange surveillance for the victim and talked about the possibility of wiretapping phone Selvaratnam. Two other victims tell similar stories and acknowledge the official use of brute force against women.

Eric Schneiderman denies his involvement in these cases and declares that he never raised a hand to the female. He assures of his readiness to confront the charges.

«In the sphere of intimate relations, I participated in role-playing games and various sexual manipulations by mutual consent. I did not resort to violence and never had sex against the will of the partner. This is the line I will not cross» — said the Prosecutor.

The Governor of the state of new York, after learning about this story, urged the official to resign and said he will initiate a special investigation. The media claim that Schneiderman accepted the offer of Andrew Cuomo and decided to leave the post voluntarily.