Russian hackers sent out on behalf of ISIS threats to U.S. military personnel wives

The scandalous story of the e-mail message with threats of us military wives on behalf of the so-called «Islamic state», took an unexpected turn. The journalists of the Associated Press claim that the received information according to which these messages are Russian hackers from the group Fancy Bear.

We will remind, in February 2015, five women whose husbands served in the U.S. army, received sotssetyah messages with threats. The message was sent on behalf of an illegal organization CyberCaliphate, uniting supporters of ISIS. They said that the sender supposedly have full information about the personal lives of women and their families, as well as access to their phones and computers. In addition, the message contained unambiguous threats of violence.

The crime reporters of the Associated Press has accused Russian hackers, based on data from Secureworks, specializing in cyber security and the protection of digital data. According to the company, about the same time, when women come to the message with threats to their computers trying to access the members of the Fancy Bear. The US government and the Pentagon these statements until not commented.

Group Fancy Bear, also known as АРТ28, experts cybersecurity USA associated with Main intelligence Directorate of Russia and has been implicated in numerous cyber attacks around the world.