The Minister of internal security was close to resignation after she criticized trump

Internal security Minister Kirsten Nielsen was close to resignation after President trump harshly criticized her in front of her Cabinet of Ministers for its «failure to adequately protect national borders.»

According to the New York Times, quoting several current and former officials familiar with the incident, about this person Nielsen told his colleagues.

But today (10 may), the representative of the Ministry stated that the history of the New York Times, «stating that yesterday the Secretary had prepared a letter of resignation and was close to retirement, is false.»

Itself Nielsen today also admitted that he shares the frustration trump that «existing loopholes and the lack of action by Congress has prevented this administration to fully protect the border and protect the American people.»

«These are complicated issues, and I will continue to point the direction to the Ministry to do everything possible to implement the agenda on security,» she added, without saying anything about his plans of retirement.

According to several officials, the wrath of trump on immigration issues in recent weeks has increased. Mostly it is connected with the «caravan» of refugees who reached the U.S. border. Some of the participants even managed to enter the territory of the United States.

During a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers trump focused on the fact that in the United States leaky border. Hard against the head of the White house to illegal immigration is a Central element of his campaign promises and the presidency.