Cryptocurrency billionaire is going to share 3 California state

Golden state haunts the minds of politicians and businessmen. Its in theandBarcelona the future of California suggested that Tim Draper, the wealthy in the operations with cryptocurrency. A famous billionaire, said about the need for separation of the state into 3 regions: Northern and southern California and just California.

According to Draper, the smaller the state, the more efficient management of it. The situation in the areas of education, health and safety in the new California also significantly improved. In addition, business growth will be given the green light. The billionaire is convinced that due to the competition between the States will reduce the tax burden on businesses and the bureaucratic procedures will be simplified.

The movement has begun. Volunteers welcome.

— Tim Draper (@TimDraper) April 20, 2018

Draper said he has gathered more than 600 thousand signatures in support of their ideas and, if you have time to assure them legally, the state will have to spend on this issue prior the referendum. According to the businessman, it supports a significant portion of the population of California, and, if residents of the state to demonstrate all the advantages of a future separation, they will certainly vote for this step.

Despite optimistic expectations of the businessman, who is also a major investor companies from Silicon valley, political experts doubt the success of his venture. For doubt there are several reasons, in particular the lack of a clear plan of action, a negative attitude to the idea of the Congress, constant disagreements of the President of trump with the leadership of California and the competition in the face of those who wish at all to withdraw the state from the United States.

In addition, experts noted a number of challenges that might face the billionaire. Among the highlights of the complex relationship between residents of certain areas of California that Draper plans to merge into a single state, and the deteriorating interaction between the separated regions.

The billionaire has been trying to promote a similar plan, providing for the partition of California into 6 regions. This idea miserably failed.