Congressman hunter: Donald trump would have lasted long under torture

Member of the Republican party and the incumbent Congressman Duncan hunter, the TV show «Real Time«on HBO, said that the US President was not able long to resist tortureif captured.

This happened after the host of the program bill Mar, during a conversation with a guest, invited to talk about long-standing statements by Donald trump against Senator John McCain. In particular, in 2015, the politician said that McCain was written in the characters due to the fact that he was captured.

«He became a war hero because he was captured. I like the people who did not get captured,» said Donald trump.

In addition to the former remarks, criticism has been Advisor to the President of the United States Kelly Sadler, who said recently that McCain is not worth listening to, «because he still dies«.

Hunter, who was directly involved in military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, described trump’s words as «pretty bad». He said that such humor would be appropriate in the circle of friends of veterans, and not during a speech on television. According to the Congressman, the command of the head of state is also required to carefully pick your words.

The show’s host, continuing the theme, joking that the U.S. President would tell his «tormentors» stories of electoral victory in 2016.

Hunter, like IDA, agreed on the opinion about the inadmissibility of such statements towards national heroes, especially those who went through such horrors as torture.

Senator John McCain, is one of the most consistent opponents of Donald trump. In 1958, future politician graduated from the naval Academy and was appointed to the position of the pilot carrier-based aircraft.

He participated in military actions in Vietnam and in 1967 he was captured, having been there five years. During this time he was repeatedly tortured. According to the official version, and McCain has not given the Vietnamese the required information from him. Last year the policy was discovered brain cancer and since then his health is constantly deteriorating. The fact that the situation is rapidly confirmed and compounded by the fact that recently, McCain ordered on the organization of his funeral.