In response to the sanctions Russia may ban the import of American fries

Russian deputies adopted a bill to impose sanctions against the United States and several other countries that would infringe on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, its security, and also contribute to economic instability in the country.

According to the adopted in the 1st reading the bill (91% of MPs voted for the counter), the decision on the introduction of retaliatory measures imposed on President Vladimir Putin.

Russian lawmakers propose to ban:

  • imports from the United States and other «hostile» to Russia in the agricultural, alcohol, and tobacco products;
  • the entry of certain individuals (the specific names in the document not marked);
  • cooperation of Russian companies with U.S. or other foreign structures in the field of nuclear energy, aircraft building and production of rocket engines.

The state Duma meeting dedicated to the bill, the Deputy from «United Russia» Andrei Isayev said: «We are against the war, including against the economic war, against the war of sanctions.»

National fruit and vegetable Alliance took the initiative to add to the document a ban on imports of frozen French fries. According to manufacturers, they are on their own to provide the domestic market with necessary amount of this product and even increase its quality. (Today, 94% of the French fries come from abroad.) The Union is convinced that he will be able to produce the required amount of frozen French fries, a major buyer which will be the American fast-food chain McDonald’s.

Perhaps, the deputies will consider the request of the fruit and vegetable Union: a few days the state Duma plans to consider the bill in 2nd reading.