The Senate recognized the intervention of Russia in election 2016

The leaders of the majority as Democrats and Republicans in the Senate came to the conclusion that these intelligence Committee on intervention in the 2016 election is not in doubt.

Strong duartina approval of the results of the investigation is contrary to the recent decision of the Republicans in the House of representatives. Representatives of the Republican house majority has questioned the involvement of Russia to the victory of President trump and collusion with the command of the current President.

However, the Senate Committee, after a hearing behind closed doors on Wednesday, concluded that the intervention of Russia in election 2016 in the United States is undeniable.

The leader of the Senate intelligence mark Warner said: «Russia has interfered in elections in 2016-ohms to help Trump and to attack Clinton.»

Senator from the Republican party, Richard Burr, said that «there is no reason to discuss the conclusions of the intelligence Committee. There is no doubt that Russia has made an unprecedented attempt to interfere in our elections.»

During the private meeting, the Committee members heard testimony from the former Director of national intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of the NSA Mike Rogers.

A full report on the panel’s findings will be published after the declassification of the intelligence report. In the Committee’s conclusions does not address issues where there is an investigation: was there a conspiracy between the trump and the Russians to discredit the political opponent of the incumbent President, Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s allies in Congress recognize the fact of interference in the 2016 elections, but deny that his goal was the victory of the Republican candidate. In their view, the Russians tried to attack the institution of power and the system of democratic elections.

Donald trump neodnokratno questioned the fact vmeshatelstva Russia in the presidential elections, Nasya it a «hoax».