«These people are animals,» the trump of some illegal immigrants

President Donald trump called some illegal immigrants «animals» and promised to strengthen the immigration laws of the country.

Yesterday (16 may), the head of the White house met with officials from California, are opposed to the laws of the state of refuge. According to the regulation adopted in October of last year, the police banned to know the immigration status of the people (this does not apply to those convicted of serious or violent crimes).

During the conversation with trump Fresno County Sheriff Margaret MIMS said that by law she has no right to tell immigration authorities about the illegal immigrants, who may be members of a criminal gang MS-13.

«There are people who come into the country or trying to get here, and we not only stop many of them, but we export other country. You won’t believe how bad these people are. These people are animals, and we take them out of the country at a speed which has never happened before», — said the President of response of the MIMS.

American leader in its harsh comments did not specify who exactly he has in mind – members of the gang MS-13 and illegal immigrants in General. He added that the US «the most stupid immigration laws in the world,» and promised that his administration will deal with this issue.

At the end of 2017, the tramp also appeared in the center of a scandal involving his immigration critics. Then the New York Times, citing anonymous sources from the White house, said that not being in the spirit, the President was reviewing the list of immigrants who arrived in the country after his election. At the moment the American leader allegedly blurted out that all Haitians have AIDS, a Nigerians live in huts.