In Russia, «Putin’s Troops» «buried» Donald trump and Ivanka (video)

Yesterday, may 16, in Russia the participants of the public movement «the Troops Putin» held a campaign: they are buried in the earth portraits of the President of the United States Donald trump, his daughter Ivanka, as well as Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and Creator of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov.

The first retirees from the «Troops Putin» «buried» trump. «The whole world knows this man as a warmonger. He belongs there,» said one of the participants, omitting the photo of the American President in a hole.

Ivanka trump , the protesters somehow called «the most bloodthirsty woman in the world». Alexei Navalny «buried», declaring an agent of the state Department, Telegram called an abettor of terrorism.

The latest in the grave went the American flag, printed on a sheet of A4. «Putin’s troops» said — quote — «their flag — sponsor of the entire village…mA in the world.»

«Putin’s troops» is a social movement, which, as stated on the official website, created with the purpose «to Express support for the political course of Vladimir Putin. Both friends and enemies of our great country should clearly understand: Putin is a real leader of a strong and independent Russia.»

Earlier, Russian deputies adopted the draft law on the introduction of sanctions against the United States and several other countries that would infringe on the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, ee security, and contribute to the economic destabilization of the country.

National fruit and vegetable Alliance has made the initiative to add to the document, the ban on the import of frozen French fries.