After the shooting in Santa Fe resumed the debate on the law on weapons

Another mass shooting in a school in Santa Fe has raised a new wave of concern of Americans with the law on weapons. However, experience shows that this interest happens after every tragedy, and just as quickly disappearing.

The national rifle Association (National Rifle Association of America — NRA) bravely holds the Fort after a bloody incident, however, judging by the polls, the popularity of gunsmiths every day falls.

In 2015, according to Gallup, the NRA responded positively, 58% of respondents, and 38% were determined to have a negative Association. After the shooting in Florida, according to CNN statistics, only 41% of the respondents had positive attitude to the NRA, in the eyes of the 49% reputation gunsmiths significantly affected.

After the shooting in Santa Fe resumed the debate on the law on weapons

Americans are practically unanimous concerning the necessary preventive measures.

In particular, all agree that we need to pay more attention to the training of first responders and scrutiny of the backgrounds of gun buyers. Increased protection of schools and trainings for students learning behavior in extreme situations, also not controversial.

The initiative is trump to equip teachers inspired a few. Only 27 % of Americans supported the President’s plan, agreeing that this measure will reduce the number of school shootings. 73% of teachers voted against carrying weapons in school by specially trained teachers and other school personnel.

They believe that in order to reduce the number of school shootings, it is necessary to ban the sale of semi-automatic weapons (75%) and sliding butts that turns an ordinary weapon into semi-auto (74%), as well as to strengthen the verification of the identity and background when buying and selling all types of weapons.