Trump is talking again about closing the lottery green card

Donald trump stated that the lottery green cards «horrible», and it’s time to close. The President also added that he opposes any immigration legislation that does not include the construction of a «real wall» along the Mexican border.

About Donald trump told today, may 24, in an interview with «Fox & Friends».

«If the law is spelled out real, real wall; if it does not improve the protection of our borders, I will never be able to approve», — said the President.

Earlier this month, trump has threatened to «close» the country if he promised during the election campaign, the wall will be built.

In the country again there is a discussion of the law on «the dreamer» (DACA), which will allow hundreds of thousands of young immigrants to obtain United States citizenship. Recall the «dreamers» are those immigrants who are illegally brought to the U.S. as children.

Current immigration laws trump in an interview called «the worst in the world.»

He added that he was disappointed and accepted the budget, namely the fact that it did not include full funding of the notorious wall. «I’m disappointed, but we have $1.6 billion. We started to build the wall, we also carry out reconstruction of the border strip,» said the President.

At the end of the interview, Donald trump has criticized the so-called chain (family) migration: the «Chain migration is a disaster. Someone comes, and then in the country is still 23 members of his family».

Got the visa lottery. «Lottery green card is terrible, and we certainly want and should close it,» insisted trump.

And while the visa lottery is still not closed, you can see how many green cards win in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former CCCP.