What about Melania? The first lady does not appear in public for 3 weeks

After almost 3 weeks of absence in public Melania trump tried to dispel rumors about his health and whereabouts.

«I see that the media work in the sweat of their brow, puzzling over where I am and what I do — I wrote to the first lady on Twitter. — No doubt, I’m here in the White house with his family. Feel fine and work for the good of children and the American people!»

However, in the light of the first lady was never released, limiting tweet.

Long absence from Melania trump in public gave rise to the wildest theories in the social networks. She returned to the trump tower in new York? Cooperating with the special Prosecutor Mueller in the investigation in Russia? Her health deteriorated? She fell under the witness protection program?

The first lady, the public has not seen since may 10. Then Melania accompanied President Donald trump on a military base in Marylandto greet the 3 Americans released from detention in North Korea.

After 4 days, the White house announced that in connection with kidney disease is a 48-year-old Melania was successfully operated at the National military medical center. Walter reed (Walter Reed National Militarу Medical Center) in Bethesda. There is a Mrs. trump spent 5 days.

Paolo Zampolli, a longtime friend Melania trump, says that after the operation she «wanted to spend some time with the family.»

In turn, the press Secretary to the first lady Stephanie Grisham said that Melania is currently working on a program for the protection of children Be the bestwhile also preparing for upcoming events: the annual congressional picnic at the White house and the celebrations on the occasion of independence Day on 4 July.

«The first lady would like to appear in public to promote their initiative, but her health before everything,» added the spokesman.

Note that, unlike the presidents, first ladies are not obliged to disclose their medical history.