The USA consider to pay for a hotel room for Kim Jong-UN at the summit

During the upcoming summit in Singapore, living expenses , Kim Jong-UN with his entire delegation can take on the United States. North Korean leader known for his weakness for luxury and has voiced his desire to stay in a five star Fullerton hotel, where the presidential Suite costs about $6 thousand per night, reports the Washington Post.

Kim Jong-UN during the negotiations made it clear to all that to pay for his stay in Singapore should a «foreign state».

The US is not against to take care of all the expenses of the North Korean delegation, but there are some nuances. Trump’s entourage feared that if the United States will pay for accommodation, Kim Jong-UN, Pyongyang may incorrectly interpret this gesture of hospitality. So now the us diplomats engaged in the preparation of the meeting, consider the option of making payment at the hotel the leader of the DPRK authorities of Singapore on the rights of the receiving party.

In addition to the ambiguous situation with the «housing issue», there is also the problem with the flight leader of the DPRK. The fact that North Korea still use outdated Soviet aircraft for which the flight for long distances is a big risk . This problem also while on stage.

By the way, the North Korean delegation is often visited by international events at the expense of others. The Washington Post as an example of a situation leads with the best sports team of the DPRK together with the accompanying group on the XXIII Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang (South Korea). Then all the expenses of the North Korean delegation in the amount of almost $2.6 million took Seoul.

We will remind, the President of Donald trump at the end of may has canceled a meeting with Kim Jong-UN for «hate speech» last. But thanks to the successful work of diplomats from both sides, the two leaders will participate in the summit on June 12. On Friday, June 1, said trump, noting that the US does not intend during this meeting, sign any documents with the North Korean leader.