Donald trump forgot the words to «God bless America» (video)

In social networks actively discussing a little snafu that happened with President Donald trump.

At the ceremony, «Celebrate America» before the White house yesterday, June 5, he forgot the words of one of the most famous Patriotic songs of the USA «God Bless America» («God bless America»).

Originally the event was to present the winners of the «Superbowl» team «Philadelphia Eagles», but the President canceled their invitation after most of the players refused to come to Washington. Then the President invited the fans of the team.

During the ceremony, trump was standing in front of a military orchestra and chorus of the United States, which played first the national anthem — The Star-Spangled Banner («the star-spangled Banner») and then «God Bless America». It is on the second Patriotic song he forgot the words.

Earlier, trump, canceling the invitation «Philadelphia Eagles», commented on the recent decision by the National football League, which allows players to stay in the locker room during the national anthem.
«It is also disrespectful to our country, like genuflecting in a time when anthem» — written by Donald trump on Twitter.

Some social media users mocked about the fact that the President requires patriotism from others, although he did not know the words of one of the most Patriotic songs of the country.

WATCH: President Trump sings along to «God Bless America» with the United States Army Chorus.

— NBC News (@NBCNews) June 5, 2018