The administration trump refused to place black heroine U.S. bill of $20

Team Donald trump did not support the initiative to replace the portrait of the 7th President of the US banknote $20. It was planned that instead of Andrew Jackson on the bill will appear Harriet Tubman — African-American character of the movement against slavery.

The decision to redesign the 20 dollar bill was made under the administration of Barack Obama by nationwide vote. The then leader of the United States supported the campaign in social networks «of Women in the top twenty» and instructed the Ministry of Finance to undertake a competition.

The administration trump refused to place black heroine U.S. bill of $20

Harriet Tubman advocated the abolition of slavery in the United States. Photo: flickr/CC/garysoup/

Recently, however, U.S. Senator Jeanine Shahin said that the government has abandoned these plans. The politician sent a request to the Ministry of Finance and received the answer: orders on the redesign of the banknotes of $20 was received. Representatives of the Ministry also did not receive any guidance on Harriet Tubman, so in the nearest black woman on the green bills will not appear.

«I am very disappointed that trump couldn’t find the strength to carry out a planned redesign of 20-dollar bills in honor of Harriet Tubman. This decision was rejected without any explanation,» says Sahin.

The Ministry of Finance said that the issue of redesigning the currency series of the next generation is under consideration, so that a concrete decision about the replacement of the portraits on the bills is pending.