Putin told about his attitude to the dollar, «death» Babchenko and Ukraine

Today, June 7, Vladimir Putin held an annual straight linein which for more than 4 hours answered 79 questions from citizens. Of these, 10 dealt with the relations with the USA, Ukraine and other countries.

Leading live asked the President to comment on the sanctions against Russian oligarchs, including against Roman Abramovich, owner of English football club Chelsea. Putin said that long encouraged all businessmen to keep their savings at home.

The Russian President also expressed his opinion on the limitation of payments in dollars for entrepreneurs in Russia.

«The U.S. government limits the calculations in dollars, it undermines the credibility of the dollar… you Can achieve some immediate results, and it is unlikely,» — said Putin. In doing so, the United States is «sawing off the branch on which you sit,» said the Russian leader.

The re-enactment of the murder of the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko Putin has called counterproductive. In his opinion, would be better if the Ukrainian authorities have engaged in the security of media representatives.

Spoke the Russian President about the current topics of the exchange of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, imprisoned on charges of attempting to organize a terrorist act, recently detained in Ukraine, the chief editor of RIA «Novosti-Ukraine» Kirill Vyshinsky. Putin said that these are completely different things and therefore should not be compared. The leader of the Russian Federation said that he hoped that common sense will return to Ukraine and the authorities let Wyszynski.

Among other things during the live broadcast Vladimir Putin said that «always treated Ukraine as a brotherly country», and expressed the hope for a shared future with the neighbouring state, although «any tragedy of today».

«Direct line with Vladimir Putin» is an annual television program, in which residents of large cities of Russia and in the Studio ask the President of the country pre-agreed questions. In 2018, an hour before broadcast received almost 2 million hits.