Melania trump has criticized Rudy Giuliani after his statements about the affair of the U.S. President

Former new York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, got into an awkward situation after his words about the attitude of the first lady to the history of Stormy Daniels. The man is now part of the legal team of Donald trump and, lately, has repeatedly made strong statements.

At this time, the lawyer allowed himself to speak on behalf of Melania trump and said: «she trusts her husband and knows that it’s all true«. However, this initiative did not appreciate the first lady’s office, and, in response, criticized the behavior of Giuliani.

The ex-mayor of the Big Apple expressed the above opinion on one of the celebrations in tel Aviv. With these words, the man answered the question about the relationship Melania to a possible affair Donald trump and Stormy Daniels. Obviously, Giuliani had intended to defend the honor of the first lady, and for that reason said that she doesn’t believe in this story.

However, the fact that the US President and his wife try not to make any public statements in relation to the former star of adult films. Neither Donald trump or Melania not comment on this situation, so the words of the former mayor were not like the first lady.

The next day, White house spokesperson Stephanie Grisham made a statement in which it strongly advised the lawyer not to make statements on behalf of Melania trump. Grisham also told the hostess the White house ever did not discuss the history of Stormy Daniels in the presence of Rudy Giuliani.

The first lady of the United States recently underwent surgery for the kidneys and for a long time did not appear in front of people. Only after 26 days Melania trump was seen out in public, accompanying his wife during his speech in the headquarters of the Federal emergency management Agency.