Alec Baldwin is confident of victory in the presidential election in 2020

On Monday, the American actor Alec Baldwin during an interview with host Howard stern said that if he decides to run for President of the United States, is a thousand times will pass current President of Donald trump.

«If I had participated, I would win. I would have won,» — said the actor. He also added that his campaign would be «the funniest, most exciting and craziest». In an interview the actor expressed hope for in the future presidential race the best candidate than Donald trump.

After pleasantries on the subject of elections Baldwin changed the topic of conversation to more serious. Presenter Howard stern has hinted at support of the democratic party. This Baldwin replied, «I’m talking about the election only because people do not know who will be the next candidate. I hope there will be someone suitable for this position». The actor also added that in America, a lot of obvious problems that need to be addressed.

Fame returned to Baldwin after a cameo of the President of trump in the popular show Saturday Night Live during the election campaign. Together with writers and actors Baldwin was working on a colorful image of trump and sketches of the White house, trump and his entourage. The actor is so accustomed to the role that has since become a frequent guest, and the rollers with its participation has gained increasing popularity and have become the hallmark of sketches, the opening show Saturday Night Live. The trump role brought Baldwin an Emmy in September 2017. And recently the actor became a father for the fifth time.