American fighter Jeff Monson stands in deputies from the party «United Russia»

The controversial athlete Jeff Monson, known for his Pro-Russian views and support for terrorist groups DND and LNR, is going to become a member of the city Council of the Krasnogorsk (Moscow region). This became possible due to the fact that Monson 12 June 2018 has received a Russian passport.

Mixed martial arts fighter has successfully passed the primaries in the «United Russia» or as they are called primaries. Now he has the right to run for city Council members. About his desire to go to work,»people’s Deputy» the man said at the awarding ceremony of Russian passports. The document was handed over personally by the Governor of the Moscow region.

Jeff Monson is officially the citizen of Russia! Today among our young patriots from the «camp of the real heroes» gave him a passport. Now I look forward to more successes from pupils of sports club «Sharp-sighted», where a fighter works as a fitness coach.#degrassi #reseptbelagte

Andrey Vorobiev (@VorobievAndrey) June 12, 2018

Speaking at the ceremony, Jeff Monson has said it wants to bring to become a member of the city Council. Representatives of administration of Moscow region confirmedthat the athlete was in the lists of the aforementioned parties. The officials said a final decision has not been made yet, but the likelihood of approval by the leadership of «United Russia» candidates for Monson is quite large.

The next step for a fighter should be a nomination in one party list, and on 9 September the controversial athlete will go to the polls in the city Council of Krasnogorsk. What exactly is going to do for the posts of Deputy Monson, remains a mystery.

Recall that the former soldier finished his career in 2017. He is known for his statements in support of the Russian Federation and the militants fighting in Eastern Ukraine. Last year he received the passport of Luhansk people’s Republic, however, decided not to stop and in 2018 he also gave a similar Russian document. According to the Moscow authorities, Monson was going to buy an apartment in Krasnogorsk and to open a school of martial arts.