The UN has condemned Israel for actions in Gaza, the United States criticized this position

The UN General Assembly on 13 June voted for a resolution which lend themselves to criticism of action of Israel. In particular, the document condemns the use of force on the border with the Gaza strip. In support of this decision was made by 120 countries, 45 abstained and 8 voted against.

A resolution of the UN General Assembly has prepared the Arab countries participating. It States that members «regret the use of excessive and disproportionate force by Israel against Palestinian civilians in the occupied territory, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza strip». In addition, the document contains a requirement for the Israelis to immediately stop the violence and respect international law.

RT @USUN: You can’t speak about Gaza without mentioning Hamas.

— Nikki Haley (@nikkihaley) June 13, 2018

The UN declared the need to cease fire and to provide protection for Palestinian civilians. Israel denies his guilt and believes that the responsibility for the deaths of innocent people lies with the group Hamas, which now runs Palestine. The position of the Israelis supported by the United States of America.

In particular, the US representative Nikki Haley denounced the resolution, and subjected to the criticism of the members of the UN General Assembly. According to the diplomat, the decision is «fundamentally unbalanced«. Haley also noted that the American side has proposed its own amendments to the draft resolution. We are talking about the recognition of Hamas responsible for the rocket attacks on Israel and a provocation of the civilian population. However, as a result, this item was excluded from the document.

«Any resolution aimed at protecting civilians in Gaza need to recognize the destabilizing and irresponsible actions of Hamas, which endanger the lives and wellbeing of innocent people,» said Nikki Haley.

Israel, with US support, demanded to recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization. The representatives of the state noted that recently Palestine has significantly increased rocket fire into Israel. This is what, in their opinion, was the cause of the escalation of the conflict. However, the above requirement has refused to support in the UN General Assembly.