Trump wants Americans listened to him like the North Koreans, Kim Jong — UN

Live morning talk show Fox and Friends Donald trump, Recalling his visit to North Korea, said he wanted Americans to listen to it as much as the people of North Korea — Kim Jong-UN.

«He’s home in the country. I mean, he’s a really strong leader. Don’t let anyone think otherwise, ‘ said trump in an interview with presenter Steve Duque. When he makes a speech, people are sitting and listening. I want my people behaved the same way.»

Review of the President caused a strong reaction. Later, during a press conference at the White house, reporters asked the President if he really wanted «the Americans sat and listened to him in silence?» The President replied that the statement was not made lightly, and added: «I’m kidding. Don’t understand sarcasm? Are you with CNN?».

In the interview trump also added that the establishment of friendly relations with the North Korean leader is for the benefit of American society. «I don’t want nuclear weapons have destroyed you and your family, — said trump reporters during a briefing at the White house. I want to have good relations with North Korea. I want to have good relations with many countries.»

On the question of violations of human rights in North Korea, the President replied that many of the leaders did wrong. According to human rights groups and the U.S. government in North Korea for many decades, routinely violated human rights. In the first five years in power, Kim Jong-UN ordered the execution of 340 people. Of them, according to a report by 2016, a South Korean think tank the Institute for national security, about 140 people were senior officers in the government and the army of North Korea.