The US is going to get out of the UN Council on human rights today

It is expected that today, June 19, the U.S. will report on its withdrawal from the UN Council on human rights. This decision caused lasting controversy in Israel, said CNN sources in non-governmental organizations and high-ranking official.

US Ambassador to the UN , Nikki Haley has repeatedly opposed measures against Israel, and criticized the bias in this country. During the last vote, only the US and Australia voted against inquiry into Israel’s use of «excessive force» in the Gaza strip.

The first threats of a possible US withdrawal was announced in 2017.

It is not clear exactly how the United States intends to notify its decision to the UN. Several non-governmental organizations have already sent Secretary of state Mike Pompeo letter condemning the decision.

It is possible that the last straw in the conflict was the statement made on 18 June the UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein. In his speech, he demanded that the administration trump stopped the forced separation of migrant children and their parents, calling such a policy «unconscionable» and characterizing it as «abuse». It was the last speech of al-Hussein before the expiry of his term of office.

photo: UN Geneva