Donald trump has signed a decree prohibiting the separate families of illegal immigrants

The US President put his signature under the decree, which prohibits ICE to separate a family of illegal immigrants who crossed the U.S. border. The authorities will continue implementing the policy of»zero tolerance» towards illegal immigrants.

Earlier, the us President promised to solve the issue. He instructed the Minister of internal security of the United States Kirsten Nielsen to develop an appropriate decree.

«We intend to preserve the unity of families,» said Donald trump during a meeting at the White house.

Before that, the President criticized members of the Democratic party and the media, which, in his opinion, have the wrong idea about his company’s anti-illegal immigration. Trump also accused the Democrats unwillingness to solve the problem at the legislative level.

According to the new decree of Donald trump, the families of illegal immigrants detained at the border will be detained in full force. In addition, they plan to review in an expedited manner.

Political experts believe that the head of America to the last did not want to make that decision. Initially, the separation of families planned to use as leverage in the Democratic party. The team at the White house expected that their opponents will compromise and agree on a legislative level to consolidate a policy of «zero tolerance».

Instead, however, authorities are faced with resentment in American society and harsh criticism from human rights organizations. In the end, not wanting to aggravate the situation, Donald trump decided to stop the separation of families of illegal immigrants.