Trump has no plan to reunite immigrant children with parents

The administration of the President, trump stated that she has no clear plan to reunite thousands of children with parents arrested in illegal border crossing.

«This policy of arrests are relatively new, — said the representative of the Department of health and human services of the United States (United States Department of Health and Human Services) Steven Wagner. — We are still developing a strategy on how it will be possible to return children to parents at the adjudication».

According to Federal officials to find the children’s parents in several ways, such as calling the hotline or contact the child via e-mail. However, lawyers say: all not so is simple.

Attorney Efren Olivares and his team from the Texas Civil Rights Project every day, spend a few hours in the court room about the Rio Grande. They record the names of children, dates of birth and other details that give them illegal immigrants in handcuffs awaiting trial. Sometimes their fate here waiting for up to 80 people.

The lawyers have about an hour to gather as much information as possible before the hearing. When immigrants guilty to illegal entry into the United States, they are usually sent either to prison, or directly at the immigration center.

«If we do not receive this information, then there will be no way to know that the child was separated from family. No one except the authorities, it will not know,» says Olivares.

The lawyer personally documented information about 300 children who were separated from adults. Most often, these adults — parents, but there are also older brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles or grandparents. Some of them are illiterate and do not know how exactly to write the child’s name.

Children to distribute at shelters for minors, which are now more than 100 in 17 States.

Recall, a non-profit organization ProPublica released an audio recording of the cries of the children separated their parents.