Americans believe that the investigation of Russian intervention should continue

According to the CNN poll, the majority of the US population still believes that Russia’s interference in the presidential elections in 2016 — a serious matter which should be investigated to the end.

Despite regular criticisms that the President trump releases to special Prosecutor Robert Muellerleading the «Russian cause», the Americans — for the further investigation.

However, since March of the respondents endorsing it, as Muller leads the investigation, decreased by 7% from 48% to 41%. This is the lowest figure during the regular survey of Americans with CNN.

However, the fall in the rating of spectracolor does not mean that the respondents sided with trump, said channel. According to his calculations, only 29% approve of how the President deals with the Russian investigation. Seven out of 10 respondents believe the President should testify under oath, if Mueller will call him in for questioning. Well, 70% of respondents do not approve a decision by trump to pardon himself, if his guilt in the case will be proved.

According to the CNN poll, Americans do not exclude the possibility of impeachment of the President. This idea was supported by 42% of respondents.

Almost as many (43%) in 1974 endorsed the resignation of Richard Nixon after the Watergate scandalwhen his administration was accused of bugging talks that led Democrats in the Washington complex of Watergate. 2 years after the beginning of the high-profile case, Nixon, facing certain impeachment, was forced to leave the presidency. The current head of the US is clearly in no hurry to follow his example.